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Ukrainian Genocide of 1932-1933
The Ukrainian Genocide Famine (Holodomor)
is one of the least known tragedies of the 20th century...

At the height of the Genocide Ukrainians were dying at a rate of 25,000 per day.

Nearly 1 in 4 rural Ukrainians perished as a direct result.

The Soviet Union dumped 1.7 million tons of grain on Western markets during the Genocide.
Nearly a fifth of a ton of grain was exported for each person who died of starvation.

Over 3,000,000 children born between 1932-1933 died of starvation.

The US Congress 1988 Commission on the Ukraine Famine concluded:
"Joseph Stalin and those around him committed genocide against Ukrainians in 1932-1933".

There were over 10,000,000 victims of the Ukrainian Genocide of 1932-1933
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“Those who deny the Holodomor today loathe Ukraine deeply and resolutely. They hate us, our spirit and our future. They do not deny our history
but deny Ukraine.”
                                                                                                                                       - Viktor Yushchenko, Former President of Ukraine
"The aftermath of the present tragedy in Ukraine will be Russian colonization of this country, which will affect its ethnic makeup.  In the future,
or even in the near future, no one will even speak about Ukraine or the Ukrainian people - and, hence, about the Ukrainian problem - because
Ukraine will de facto become a territory with a predominantly Russian population."
                                                                                                                          - Letter from the Italian consul in Kharkiv, Ukraine
                                                                                                                    Sergio Gradenigo to his Ambassador in Moscow (1933)

International Charitable Fund - Ukraine 3000
75th Anniversary of the
Ukrainian Genocide Poster Exhibit
September 23, 2010 - Washington, DC:  During a speech before the US House of
Representatives, Congressman Mike Quigley (D-IL) remembers the 10,000,000
victims of the Ukrainian Genocide and commends the work of Ukrainian Genocide
Famine Foundation - USA and the Ukrainian National Museum in Chicago in
ensuring that the victims of the Ukrainian Genocide of 1932-33 are never forgotten.  
He recognizes the work of Nicholas Mischenko, President of the Ukrainian Genocide
Famine Foundation -USA.