Ukrainian Genocide Famine Foundation - USA, Inc.

Mission Statement
Monument dedicated to
the memory of the over
10,000,000 victims of the
Ukrainian Genocide of
Located at St. Andrew's
Cemetery in
Bloomingdale, Illinois, USA
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    The Mission of the Ukrainian Genocide Famine Foundation - USA, Inc. is:

    To plan a yearly commemoration to both remember those who perished in the 1932-33 Genocidal Famine against Ukraine and to honor those who are
    living Survivors and Witnesses of the Genocide;

    To further public awareness of the Genocide of 1932-33 through educational programs, lectures, public exhibits, media presentations, internet resources
    and cooperative ventures with governmental and education institutions, libraries and museums;

    To provide materials for use in school curricula and academic research;

    To provide for posterity a variety of documentation regarding the true circumstances and effects of the Genocide, and most urgently, the proper
    documentation of Survivors’ oral histories;

    To support, via the granting of academic stipends or scholarships, scholars (at the MA or PhD level) in both Ukraine and/or the Diaspora, who are
    concentrating their studies on some aspects of Ukrainian Genocide Famine-related research;

    To foster, support and encourage study of the Ukrainian Genocide in both American and Ukrainian schools;

    To work to have an accurate curriculum regarding the Ukrainian Genocide included in school programs in Illinois and throughout the nation;

    To seek justice through international venues for the barbaric crimes against humanity perpetrated against the Ukrainian nation resulting in the death of
    over 10 million innocent men, women and children in violation of the ideal of the dignity and rights inherent in every man, woman, and child on the planet,
    as outlined in the UN Declaration of Human Rights;

    To establish and maintain a perpetual care fund for the purpose of maintaining and insuring the Chicago Ukrainian-American Genocide Monument.