Letter From the President
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    January 2005

    Dear Members and Friends of the Ukrainian Genocide Famine Foundation!

    I would like to give you a brief report of the activities and achievements of the Foundation during
    the year 2004.  

    The Foundation continues to further public awareness of the Ukrainian Genocide to the local
    and international community.   We have begun work on a Foundation website.  We expect the
    web page to be up and running during the first quarter of 2005.

    In partnership with the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, our Foundation is pushing
    the US Senate adopt Resolution 202, which would make the US Senate pronounce that the
    Famine in Ukraine during 1932-33 was a deliberate act of Genocide.

    We are actively persuading the Illinois legislature to make the teaching of the Ukrainian
    Genocide a compulsory part of the K-12 curriculum. We are currently organizing and financially
    sponsoring an accredited Ukrainian Genocide continuing education seminar for US middle
    school teachers.

    We are collaborating with the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, the Trident
    Foundation of Hollywood, California and various civic organizations to pursue new research,
    publications and educational programs to promote awareness on a national and international

    On September 19th, 2004, Congressman Henry Hyde of Illinois participated in our
    commemoration of the 71st anniversary of the Ukrainian Genocide.  

    In Ukraine, we are supporting Ukrainian Genocide research and documentation through our
    partnership with the Association of Genocide Researchers, “Memorial”, the Ukrainian Language
    Society, Genocide Researchers of the Ukrainian State University in Kyiv, and Professors Yuri
    Shapoval, Vasyl Marochko and Alexandra Veselova of the National Academy of Sciences of
    Ukraine in Kyiv.  

    As a result of our Ukrainian Genocide essay competition in Ukraine, we awarded five
    scholarships to graduate students at the National University of Ostroh Academy for their
    excellent research essays.  We plan to translate their essays into English and publish then for
    distribution in the United States as well all publish them in Ukrainian for distribution in Ukraine.  

    Furthermore, the Foundation financially sponsored the publication and distribution of 100,000
    Ukrainian Genocide pamphlets in Ukraine.  The pamphlets were distributed by university
    students throughout Eastern Ukraine prior to the Presidential elections.

    We developed and published 10,000 English language brochures about the Ukrainian
    Genocide for distribution at the Ukrainian National Museum in Chicago.  The brochure includes
    historical facts and a reading and research list for Museum visitors.

    The Foundation has pledged to underwrite the translation and publication of Ukrainian
    researchers, historians and educators Genocide works into the English language.  We intend to
    provide the translations and books to academic institutions and researchers in the United
    States and abroad.

    The Foundation has begun to collect material and testimonial evidence in the attempt to seek
    justice and retribution from the Russian Federation which inherited the responsibilities of the
    former Soviet authority.

    Nicholas Mischenko
Ukrainian Genocide Famine Foundation - USA, Inc.