Ukrainian Genocide Remembrance Day

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Chicagoland Commemoration of
72nd Anniversary of Ukrainian Genocide of 1932-1933

Please attend a community Memorial for the
10,000,000 Victims of the 1932-33 Genocide Famine of Ukraine

At 1pm a Community procession will walk from the St. Nicholas
School Auditorium
 (2200 West Rice Street, Chicago) to  St. Nicholas
Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral for an  All-Faith Memorial.
(*Please be at the Auditorium by 12:45.)

The religious observance will be followed by a
Memorial Lunch Reception at the Ukrainian Cultural Center.
(2247 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago)
(Lunch Donation $10)

Guest speakers:
Archbishop of Uman - Alexander Bykowetz
Ukrainian Genocide Famine Survivor featured in film "Harvest of Despair"
& Mr. John Jaresko
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