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2005 Letter from the
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January 2006

Dear Members and Friends of the Ukrainian Genocide Famine Foundation!

I would like to give you a brief report of the activities and achievements of the Foundation during the year 2005.

2005 was a very successful year for the Ukrainian Genocide Famine Foundation – USA.  In February, the Foundation received coverage in Chicago’s suburban Daily Herald Newspaper
“Breaking Free From the Past” and “It’s A Ukrainian Thing”. The Foundation also presented a book discussion and signing of “One Woman, Five Lives, Five Countries” with
Ukrainian genocide survivor and author Eugenia Dallas.  

In March, we launched our informational website
www.UkrainianGenocide.com which has attracted visitors from all over the world.  The site features a history of the Ukrainian Genocide,
witness and survivor accounts, a summary of our past events, links to Ukrainian Genocide information on the web and a reading list.  In addition, a guide for teaching the Ukrainian
Genocide was recently added to the site.

The Foundation delivered a presentation on the Ukrainian Genocide to a number of 5th grade classes in March.  Also in March, Board Member Katya Mischenko-Mycyk
testified before the
Illinois House Primary and Secondary Education Committee in support of
House Bill 312 which would expand Holocaust Studies in Illinois public schools to include the Ukrainian
Genocide of 1932-1933.  After sponsoring a “Support House Bill 312” postcard campaign to the Illinois House and Senate, the Bill was
signed into law on August 5th by Governor Rod

In April, the Foundation distributed and funded a
postcard campaign aimed at having Ukraine’s President Viktor Yushchenko establish an official "Commission of Inquiry on Soviet War
Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in Ukraine" in conjunction with the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association.  

In August, the Foundation shared a booth with the Ukrainian National Museum at the Chicago Public Schools Teacher Resource Fair at Navy Pier.  We distributed over 200
Genocide curriculum guides and informational pamphlets to the teachers at the Fair.  

On September 18th, the Foundation commemorated the 72nd anniversary of the Ukrainian Genocide by coordinating our annual
Ukrainian Genocide Remembrance Day.  Over 500
people and over 70 community organizations participated in the
solemn procession to St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral where a candle lighting ceremony and remembrance
mass took place.  The event attracted coverage in and extensive article in the
Chicago Journal along with an editorial piece.

Following the mass, over 300 people partook in the
Remembrance Luncheon at the Ukrainian Cultural Center with keynote speakers John Jaresko of Chicagoland and Ukrainian
genocide survivor Archbishop Alexander Bykowetz of Detroit.  Illinois State Representatives Peter Fritchey and Paul Froehlich, State Senator Jacqueline Collins, and Governor Rod
Blagojevich were presented the Ukrainian Genocide Education Award during the luncheon program for their commitment and work on passing House Bill 312 and expanding Ukrainian
genocide awareness in the state of Illinois.

In November, the Foundation coordinated a
nationwide Ukrainian genocide remembrance in Ukrainian churches in conjunction with the commemoration of the Ukrainian genocide in
Kyiv, Ukraine.  Ukrainian churches throughout the United States were asked to ring their bells at noon in memory of the victims of the Ukrainian genocide.  They were also asked to light 33
candles in symbolism of the 33,000 Ukrainians that died each day at the height of the genocide.  In addition, Foundation Board Member Mykola Kotcherha participated in the official
commemoration of the Ukrainian Genocide in Kyiv during the kalyna (cranberry viburnum) planting ceremony by planting a number of kalyna trees on behalf of the Foundation.  

In December, the Foundation gave a presentation on the Ukrainian genocide and distributed Curriculum Guide CDs to over 120 high school social studies teachers and department
heads during a day long program at the Ukrainian National Museum.

Your financial support allows us to continue to provide educational materials to teachers and students, present educational programs, publish educational literature, further develop our
website and expand Ukrainian genocide awareness through the workshops and fairs that we participate in.

Nicholas Mischenko
Ukrainian Genocide Famine Foundation - USA, Inc.